Apaco AG | Philosophy

High-quality equipment and plant engineering with maximum customer benefits

Mission Statement

We want to maintain our market position as a leading equipment and plant engineering supplier.

  We are profit-oriented in the interest of our customers, employees and shareholders

  We are concerned about occupational safety: In case of danger, stop and eliminate the hazard before continuing to work

  We value honesty, humanity and fairnesss

  We provide an exceptional service, and we are prepared to learn and to pass on what we have learned

  We are competent in meeting our customers’ requirements in accordance with industrial and environmental standards

  We value our customers, suppliers and planners as well as the official authorities as partners, and we work closely with them


As a family business, we maintain our financial independence and flexibility for sensible business decisions and investments in innovative products. Our manufacturing takes place exclusively in Switzerland, because we are convinced that only our experienced team in Grellingen is able to deliver the quality that you as a customer expects from us. We know what our customers need, and we treat them as partners. Last but not least, we constantly subject our thinking to examination and change in order to keep up with the demands of the marketplace and anticipate technological developments.


We treat our customers the way we like to be treated. We believe in fairness, trust and long-term relationships.

Our Motto

Fairness for all. We feel it is important that our employees feel comfortable in their workplace. This includes praising them regularly. We also periodically provide information on current developments and issues in order to create transparency. Making sure that their jobs are secure also contributes to our employees’ satisfaction and motivation. We are firmly committed to Switzerland and the Laufental location as our company home. Thanks to the excellent Swiss apprenticeship system, we can recruit our employees here and provide targeted training for our junior staff. We always employ several apprentices at one time. The apprenticeship system has always been a vital part of our company philosophy and will continue to be important at Apaco AG in future.

Apaco AG

We design, produce, supply and install complete solutions in equipment and plant engineering:

  Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

  Life Science and Biotechnology

  Food Production

  Energy Suppliers

  District Heating Networks and HCeat Networks

  Cooling Systems


  Plastic, Synthetic Fibre and Synthetic Resin Production

  Dye and Textile Industry

  Manufacturing of System Components

  Contract Manufacturing

Our Service Areas


Building Services

As a specialist in building services engineering, we serve as a reliable partner to our customers from design through implementation to commissioning. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide high-quality system components and complete installations.


Life Science + Equipment Manufacturing

As a highly experienced company in the area of life science and equipment manufacturing, we focus on the needs and requirements of our customers. We set standards in quality and innovation. We focus on demanding industry groups such as the food, biochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.



In the area of thermal engineering, we can take care of your Bosch steam, hot water or Heatec heat transfer boiler system: from the first exchange of ideas, preparation of an offer, project management, delivery and commissioning of the system, including service contracts.