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Selection of references of industrial plants

On this page we have listed a selection of our industrial plant references. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with further references on request.

Russan Aluminium Mill Products


Heating system

The heating capacity specified and required by the customer was 3 x 4’000 kW at a maximum permissible operating temperature of 330°C. For the complete HTM boiler house Apaco supplied 20 complete manufactured pump groups, each consisting of 2 pumps, in the range of DN50 up to DN200, several hundred control and shut-off valves, several measuring instruments as well as 2 expansion and storage tanks each.

APACO has been contracted by UC RUSAL Anode Plant LLC in Taishet, the worldwide second largest supplier of aluminium, to supply the complete equipment for the HTM boiler house including all required electrical switchboards (control and MCC) as well as all secondary loops and the appertaining tanks for the construction stage II of the plant. The contract included the design, specification, and delivery of all components for the HTM boiler house as well as all secondary pump groups and control valves with the respective FAT tests at the individual subcontractors, so that the individual components of the plant could be easily installed by a local construction company.

Casale / Metafrax



Production plant for the manufacture of melamine

Heating system with a capacity of 9’500 kW
and an operating temperature of 465°C

Novartis Pharma AG


Renovation WF pipeline network DN 500

Pipe prefabrication assembly including documentation materials and welding work.

Civil engineering office Basel City

2016 – 2017

Dücker high pressure lines 100 bar

Pipe prefabrication and assembly, special steel construction in stainless steel.

CABB Switzerland AG


Project Renewal HK Systems

Planning of pipeline prefabrication and installation, overall coordination for 3-shift operation.

Apaco AG
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