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Innovatec is a manufacturer of electrolytic and conventional ozone generation plants for pure and ultrapure water, drinking water and other applications. Innovatec GmbH, based in Rheinbach, Germany, also produces the innovative OZONE-PEN for the disinfection of drinking water. Apaco AG represents these products in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

INNOVATEC Gerätetechnik GmbH

INNOVATEC Gerätetechnik GmbH

Von-Liebig-Strasse 6
53359 Rheinbach Germany

T +49 2226 15818 0


Korn is an owner-operated, medium-sized family business from Hamburg. Erwin Korn founded this chemical trading company in 1932 and focused on organic and particularly environmentally friendly raw materials at an early stage. We maintain this tradition to this very day.

Korn develops, produces and distributes its own chemical/technical products for the food and beverage industry, the service and processing industry as well as for energy suppliers. The company always follows one basic principle: as much nature as possible, as little chemistry as necessary.

Today, Korn develops, produces and sells high-performance additives for efficient, environmentally friendly water conditioning: highly concentrated and maximally effective additives for boiler water, cooling water, bottle cleaning as well as suitable system technology. Apaco AG represents these projects in Switzerland.

Korn GmbH

Korn GmbH

Wittenmoor 36
22525 Hamburg Germany

T +49 4031 76 70 0


Steridose manufactures Sterimixer® magnetic agitators and Sterivalve® membrane valves. These are used for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. Apaco AG represents these projects in Switzerland.



Himmelsbodavagen 7
147 22 Tumba | Sweden

T +46 8 449 99 00