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As the general agent of Bosch Thermotechnik in Switzerland, Apaco AG supplies hot water and steam boiler systems including accessories for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The performance range extends from 175 to 55,000 kg/h at a pressure of up to 30 bar for steam boiler systems and 400 to 38,000 kW for hot water systems.

Since the company was founded in 1886, Bosch Thermotechnik has concentrated exclusively on industrial boiler systems and, thanks to a high level of specialisation, is now the market leader. Bosch is a leading international technology and service company.

Bosch Industriekessel GmbH

Bosch Industriekessel GmbH

Nürnberger-Strasse 73
91710 Gunzenhausen Germany

T +49 (0) 9831 560

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