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Thanks to their optimal container geometry, our liquid IBCs allow for complete emptying without residue. Our quality IBCs are distinguished by their very long service life and have the usual approvals (PED, ADR/RID, IMDG code, ATEX and GMP), whether you use them for transport or storage of liquids as part of your industrial processes.


  IBC for liquids

        IBC, hazardous goods container

        IBC for liquid with agitator (e.g. for salad dressing)

        IBC heating container with agitator (e.g. for chocolate)

        Food container

        Aseptic container

  IBC for bulk materials

  Customer-specific IBC

Aseptic IBC for liquids and viscous products

The aseptic container (ASC) are particularly suitable for applications with maximum hygiene regulations in the areas of food products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Due to the variety of sizes and the possibility of using different types of stainless steel, the ASC meets all your requirements. With a stainless steel ASC and a stacking crown, a high level of flexibility is assured. The IBCs are steam-sterilisable, vacuum-resistant and can be perfectly cleaned with an optional CIP system. Optionally, heating and cooling sheaths as well as agitators can be added or installed.

IBC for liquids
IBC heating container with agitator

IBC for bulk materials

IBCs for bulk materials are mostly used for the in-house logistics of solids. Apaco offers customers a range of IBCs for bulk materials, suitable for a variety of industries.

Apaco customer-specific IBC containers

Thanks to flexible production methods, we are able to efficiently manufacture customer-specific models and equipment as well as develop special models. We are sure to have a suitable solution for you, whether you need round, cubic, cylindrical or other container shapes. We develop, design and produce your customer-specific tank, container, IBC or other special container, from the original vision to the finished product. Simply send us a brief description of your requirements, and one of our specialists will contact you right away.

Customer-specific IBC
with agitator and switching cabinet