Apaco AG | Profile

Quality and Reliability

Apaco AG is a family business headquartered in Grellingen, Switzerland. We design, manufacture and supply systems and equipment for the food, biochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

As a highly experienced, stable and reliable company in the field of equipment and plant engineering, we are focused on the needs and requirements of our customers. We set standards in quality, innovation and technological advances. Our focus is on demanding industry areas such as the building services engineering, food, biochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

To achieve complete customer satisfaction, we maintain a highly efficient and dedicated team of about 120 employees that respond to your individual needs. With operational areas from northwestern Switzerland to St. Gallen, Geneva and the canton of Valais, we shape the entire country.

By taking over and integrating the workforce of the former Bertrams Heatec AG company in June 2016, we are also ideally positioned on an international level. They are experienced specialists in the field of indirect process heat transfer by means of heat transfer fluids or gases for industrial applications all over the world.

Together with our subsidiary INRA Group AG, we are the Swiss market leader in our industry.

We design, produce, supply and install complete solutions in equipment and plant engineering:

  Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

  Life Science and Biotechnology

  Food Production

  Energy Suppliers

  District Heating Networks and HCeat Networks

  Cooling Systems


  Plastic, Synthetic Fibre and Synthetic Resin Production

  Dye and Textile Industry

  Manufacturing of System Components

  Contract Manufacturing

Strategic Growth

January 2020 | Apaco AG has reorganised

Since it was founded in 1932, Apaco AG in Grellingen has developed into the leading equipment and plant engineering company in Switzerland. The integration and takeover of the production of transport containers, the general representation of Bosch hot water and steam boiler plants, Bertrams Heatec AG and the subsidiary INRA Group AG in Pratteln make it necessary to reposition Apaco AG, which at this point has 120 employees. The new organisation with the Building Services, Heating Technology and Life Science + Apparatus Engineering units is consistently focused on the needs of the marketplace.

Range of Services

  Building Services Engineering

  Life Science + Equipment Manufacturing

  Thermal Engineering

  Customer Service

Our know-how, based on 88 years of experience, makes us a competent partner in the fields of building services engineering, life science + equipment engineering, heating technology and customer service. We guarantee a smooth handling of your projects from planning, construction and production to the implementation of your systems, commissioning, training of operating personnel and maintenance of your systems, and we offer solutions at the highest levels.

Production area

  Stainless steel/steel processing: 4,000 m²

  Storage areas in the building: 1,000 m²

  Hall height: 10 m

  Hall cranes: 5 – 6.3 t


Customised equipment
and plant engineering


Technological advances
at the highest level


Rapid response times and
flexible deployment