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As a highly experienced, strong and reliable company for hot water systems, we focus on our customers’ needs and requirements. We set standards in quality, innovation and technological advances.


  ANB stainless steel boiler, standardised

  AB stainless steel boiler, made to measure

  Cold register type K

  Medium register type M

  Combination register type C

  Electrical register type E

Stainless steel boiler

We manufacture and supply high-grade, top-quality stainless steel boilers. These stainless steel boilers are universally usable and can be equipped with electric registers, medium registers, combination registers or condensation registers for refrigerants in refrigeration/air conditioning systems. The high-quality insulation keeps irradiation losses to a minimum. Our boilers are low-maintenance thanks to our special process engineering. All components are designed, calculated, constructed and manufactured by us and then tested before delivery. Standard designs and custom-made versions are available.

ANB stainless steel boilers

Apaco stainless steel boilers in standard designs with all necessary connections and register neck sockets as generously dimensioned revision sockets as well as approval according to SVGW.

  Hot water and storage boilers are plasma-welded, the openings for sockets and manhole are cut out using the plasma system and subjected to pickling spray inside and outside after processing

  In all designs, sizes and connection options. Shock-tested systems, insulation with mineral wool and aluman sheath. Also welded in place by qualified welders

  Test pressure: 12 bar

  Permissible pressure: 6 bar (higher if required and on custom-made models)

  Material: Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)

  Thermometer 0-120°C

  Foam insulation with PVC sheath (up to 1,250 litre size), IP-tested, or mineral wool and aluman sheath on request (installed on site)

  Thermal legionella control as option

Loading groups

Our loading groups are equipped with all the control technology required to deal with the problem of calcification. Combined with the exchange service provided by our customer service department, you can control every system.

Compact, external loading group with stainless, soldered plate heat exchanger for industrial water heating.

  Internally piped and wired, ready for connection, with integrated electrical control, mounted on stainless steel blasting frame

  To the combination with storage boilers

  Model with fixed value temperature control

  Constructed in accordance with SVGW guidelines

  Thermal store temperature control

  Circulation pump

  Shut-off and regulating valves

  Display instruments and insulation

ALG + ALGF loading group

Cold register, medium register, combination register & electrical register

Cold register type K

Our cold register type K, suitable for our storage boilers, is one of our specialities. The refrigerant flows directly through the cold register type K, which is suitable for heat recovery from refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and transfers its condensation heat to the water in the boiler instead of releasing it into the atmosphere via air cooling. The registers are manufactured without welded joints in the area of the industrial water and have SVGW approval.

Medium register type M

Our medium register type M, suitable for our storage boilers, for heat transfer from heating water is made of stainless smooth-bore tube. Smooth-bore tubes can also calcify, but they offer less contact surface than finned tubes. Enamel or plastic can be damaged by mechanical decalcification, but stainless smooth-bore tube is not sensitive to this.

Combination register type C

Our combination register type C, suitable for our storage boilers, represents a combination of the medium register type M and the electrical register type E, and it combines the advantages of both registers. Like all of our registers, the combination register type C, in which our boiler’s register retaining nozzles have been installed unchanged for 20 years, can also be installed. This makes subsequent retrofitting possible. Continuity pays off in this case.

Electrical register type E

Our electrical register type E, suitable for our storage heaters, consists of ceramic heating elements in protective tubes made of especially suitable stainless steel. These have a lower surface load and thus transfer the heat in a more gentle way. Installation in stainless steel protection tubes makes it possible to replace ceramic heating elements.

All registers, made of endless smooth-bore tubes, provide excellent corrosion resistance and reduce the risk of lime precipitation thanks to the smooth surface.

  Material: Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)

  In our stainless steel boilers, cold (K), medium (M), electrical (E) and combination (C) and WGR (K) registers with different performance levels can be used variably as required