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Qualified personnel for high-quality work

We’ve used the process-oriented management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 with integrated occupational safety according to the EKAS guidelines and integrated ICS since 2002.

  Measuring and testing equipment

  Ferrite measurementsn

  Surface roughness measurements

  Ultrasound measurements

  Permeability measurements

  PT 1+2 tests

  RT X-ray inspection

  VT Virtual tests

  Helium leakage tests

  Spectral analyses of the materials

  Pressure tests


  A variety of digital and conventional measuring and testing equipment

The test equipment is monitored and calibrated as part of our quality management system. The tests are carried out by our trained, certified specialist personnel. The X-ray tests are carried out by an accredited testing institute

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Apaco AG

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